Connect to the healing power of Nature

I am a Manitoban self-taught Artist, Born in 1983 in an Ambulance on the way to the hospital, I came roaring into this world in search of my passions and for what I desired, along the way through the ups and downs of self-discovery I stumbled into nature. As I've detached from materialistic things, and I began to see the beauty all around me, from a piece of bark to a discarded piece of drift wood. Feeling the energy that Mother Nature was feeding me and knowing that our souls crave nature for mental sanity, I thought what better way and reason to share my passion with the world. I then Created Earth Child by Design – which specialises in Feature Wall pieces, infusing homes and offices with the healing power of nature.
Plus I enjoy making them and can't stop my self from making pieces, there is so much joy felt while I build them.
They have been featured in the film called The Illumined ones

I enjoy creating custom orders, so if you have a vision I would love to hear it.

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